Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vintage car photos. Shiny reflections photo.

Order # DSC_2090

We attended a car show, I like looking at the old cars, but most interesting to me, is the way the shiny surfaces interact with each other.

These photos have been turned to low resolution for the blog, the actual photos are very bright, clear and full of color and reflection. If you like to paint shiny reflections, you'll love what you can create from this photo.

Order # DSC_2099
In this photo, the purple car is reflected three times into the black of this car, once on the side, once on the fender and once near the running board area. I loved the way the purple car looked like it was going to split, and go off in two different directions.

I get so excited over capturing images with my camera. In a normal day, the normal person takes in thousands of beautiful sights. But without a camera in hand, those images are lost forever. With the event of digital cameras, the world we know today is being recorded more accurately than at any time in history!

For you to have interesting images, a little out of the norm, my camera is an extension of my hand. When a wonderful image comes to my eyes, if I don't have my camera, you don't have the image.... So my camera goes with me, even when I go out to pet the donkeys!

Wait until you see the photos from the state fair! The animals were wonderful. The camel was silly, the white tigers were regal, and the goats ....well, goats like to be goats! There will be some good abstract images also.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and I hope you find some of the images intriguing.

Email Me if you have questions, or want to inquire about purchasing a photo. The ordering process is simple, email me the order number of the photos you wish to purchase, and I'll send you a paypal invoice. Once payment is complete, I'll email you the photos. All orders are emailed jpgs.

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