Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Porcupine, wildlife photo.

Yup, this is a blur! This porcupine was traveling away from me as fast as he could go, I was running along beside him trying to take photos as he went. I was afraid he'd get away from me, and this would be all I'd get!

Order # DSC_3805
But I knew from experience when I was a kid, a porcupine doesn't run very far without getting tired. I hoped he'd stop before long to take a good look at me. That is what he finally did in the bottom photo. He was a very kind porcupine, he didn't try to swat at me with his tail, he just sat and looked at me as he caught his breath.

Remember this photo has been made into a smaller file to post here, the actual photo is large and clear.

It's kind of crazy, but so long as a porcupine isn't filling my dog or horse's nose with quills, I kind of like them. They're very peaceful little animals. They actually have the cutest faces...Just don't get to close to them.
Donna Ridgway

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