Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I love watching the osprey. They're birds who seem to tolerate humans pretty well. They allow us into their space and sometimes I like to think they are visiting with me.

This osprey was near Charlo, Mt. I take photos of them when we visit my parents. I got to watch this osprey fishing, he dived into the water five times, then he was exhausted and took a rest. He hadn't caught a fish yet....finally on the sixth dive, he caught a huge catfish.

We've always wondered when we see them flying with a fish, why the head is gone,but they seem to eat the head first. I don't know if that is for practical reasons, or if it's a delicacy to them. I did notice he scooped the eyes out first of all.

I know, poor fish.

It was pure fun to watch this guy fluffing up his beautiful feathers.

Hope you enjoyed seeing him as much as I did!
Donna Ridgway