Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palomino horse, sleeping in sun, saddled, tied to hitching post.

Order # DSC_7918 Available as a limited exclusive. 4288X2848, uncropped, 300dpi. (Meaning I reserve rights to this photo, but will remove it from my site for sale to any other artist as a reference photo.)

We had the extreme good fortune this fall, to do a photo shoot of an outfitter packing about 20 mules and horses for a trip into the Bob Marshall.

This gorgeous palomino stood tied to the hitching post, sleeping, while he waited to lead a packstring onto the trail.

Oh the painting he'd make! He's so luscious, if no one speaks up, to claim him, I might have to paint him myself! He's the color of molten gold, and the way the sunlight plays across his hide, is creamy and rich.

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Donna Ridgway
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