Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A bit of Montana for you....

We found these deer along the Dearborn.  They were young, and curious, and downright perfect for my camera!

We live near the Sun River, which is a popular place for wild geese.  They're nesting now, so there's a lot of activity on and near the river.  I love to sit and watch them posturing, fighting, nesting and raising their families in the Montana landscape.

Not all my photos are about animals....this is a common scene in Montana, an old, junk vehicle. Some people will say, that's junk and needs to be hauled in to the scrap yard, others of us will say, it's cute, leave it alone!  I say my photo tells a great story of older days and older ways...leave the truck alone!  But if you do haul it into Pacific Steel, at least in my photo, it's going to be in this place forever.....

A recent visitor to our bird feeder.  There are days when Robert and I are content to remain at home.  On those days, I entertain my camera with the critters outside my windows.  The curtain at the window in front of this bird feeder is pinned into such tortured patterns!  Most people would enter this house and wonder why on earth someone would do that to a curtain!  But it's the perfect camouflage for me and my camera.  If I don't hide in some way, the birds and squirrels don't stick around very long and I can't catch anything!  Some days, I wear my camo clothes inside the house so I'm hidden from their view. :)  It does help.

I hope you've enjoyed the photos.  If you'd like to purchase my work, you can find it here, in Donna Ridgway's Gallery.  Photos can be ordered in many sizes, on paper or canvas, or as notecards.  The pricing is affordable and shopping is easy and secure.  If there's an image you see on my blogs, or on my facebook page, that you would like to order, but it isn't on the site, let me know and I can upload it.

Wishing you a wonderful day...

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