Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Four screen saver images.

I had carousel horses on my computer screen saver, but I exchanged them for some wildlife photos from my personal collection. As I see the images float onto the screen, I get a kick out of the animals... It actually reminds me of the day we took the photos, where we ate our lunch, and how far we traveled to get the photos.

You wouldn't have those memories tied up in these photos, but you might enjoy seeing the wildlife. Perhaps you'd love to have wildlife near you, and you live in a city. This screensaver would fulfill your longings to be near the animals themselves.

This screensaver, has 28 images on it now, and I might add a few more. You can see four more of the photos on my studio blog. There's a skunk with a big fluffy tail, a bull elk and some others...

Screensaver is for sale, for $15 and that includes shipping. It comes on a cd. Email me at if you'd like one.
Donna Ridgway
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