Sunday, January 4, 2009

Porcupine in a blizzard.

When we found this porcupine, he was sitting tight to the ground in a blizzard. He faced into the snow, and had his feet tucked under his fur. He turned to look at me here, and I snapped his picture. His eyelashes are so coated with snow, he looks like a creature from a fright movie.

In summer, when I was a kid, we'd take a five gallon bucket and a cardboard box with us when we found a porcupine close to the house. If you set the bucket down on it's side, just ahead of the porky, he'd run into it. You could then rattle the cardboard box behind him and he'd slap it full of quills.

That was entertainment when I was young. What can I say? Television didn't come in where we lived. :)
Donna Ridgway
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